Cannabis Closets: An Emerging Home Amenity?

With the burgeoning popularity and legality of both medical and recreational marijuana use, new home developers are increasing being asked by home buying consumers to create spaces where these homeowners can store and grow their cannabis. These “cannabis closets” could become the new wine cellars of tomorrow.  To date, the ones being installed having running […]

Are All Fireplaces The Same?

The first photo shows what a hand-built masonry fireplace looks like. Forget the outside. Instead, look inside. Do you see how there are individual bricks with mortar in between? These are the highest quality fireplaces and what you should expect when you buy a custom home in the Hinsdale IL area. It’s a mistake to […]

Buying A Condo The Right Way

When purchasing a condominium, you’re actually purchasing a living space as well as a community. Look at the purchase as a two faceted acquisition. The unit itself is the easy part. It most cases, you as a buyer, owns paint-to-paint-meaning the space in between all painted surfaces. In other cases, you may own the exterior […]