Why You Should Buy a Home During the Off Season

Your personal home-buying schedule doesn’t have to correspond with the real estate market! In fact, buying during the “off season” can yield tremendous advantages. The “off season” differs depending on your specific location, but always refers to the period of time during a calendar year when both inventory and competition are low. Usually, this corresponds […]

Energy Healing In Hinsdale IL

Shirley Hilzinger of Hilzinger Healing in Hinsdale IL offers a unique for of healthcare. In Shirley’s words, she’s a bridge between traditional healthcare and alternative modalities of healing. As an experienced nurse practitioner, she offers the highest level of care provided by western medicine. Listen to what she has to say about the synergistic way […]

Cannabis Closets: An Emerging Home Amenity?

With the burgeoning popularity and legality of both medical and recreational marijuana use, new home developers are increasing being asked by home buying consumers to create spaces where these homeowners can store and grow their cannabis. These “cannabis closets” could become the new wine cellars of tomorrow.  To date, the ones being installed having running […]