Help The Girl Scouts In Hinsdale

The Hinsdale Girl Scout troop is working on the Bronze Star Award which is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can receive. Mia and four other friends chose to support the LEAP Science and Math Schools in South Africa.

The girls are familiar with the schools because they had been a part of a club at Hinsdale Central that has supported the LEAP Schools for the past ten years. They’ve travelled to South Africa this past summer with a group from Hinsdale Central to visit the schools. They met with the Girl Scouts to educate them about apartheid, South Africa, and the LEAP Schools. These schools were founded to provide a better education for underprivileged children who have suffered from inadequate education and opportunities due to the ongoing effects of apartheid. The six LEAP Schools have a total of about 1,350 students in 8th through 12th grades. Most of the kids at the LEAP Schools live in the townships of SA and have very poor living conditions…beyond what you could ever imagine. You can learn more about LEAP Science and Math Schools by going to

The LEAP founder and teachers put together a list of items they could really use. Due to high shipping costs to SA, we are raising funds to purchase these items in SA and save on shipping. Some items include: books, chess, board games, sports balls and personal care items. One thing that really shocked Gabrielle when she was at the LEAP Schools in SA was that the students cannot imagine having books to read for pleasure. They only have textbooks to read. Can you imagine? We are hoping to be able to provide them with at least the start of a library at one of their schools.

We would greatly appreciate any help spreading the word. People can make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal by going to Any amount is greatly appreciated. We also have a flyer (see attached) that contains more information including where to mail a check.

We’d greatly appreciate your support!

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